Picture Frame Tutorial Coming!

I know I said that the next post I did after posting about my adorable picture frame would be the tutorial……but it obviously hasn’t been. I’ve gotten busy, and sick (again…..stupid Georgia weather), so I haven’t been able to sit down and write it. However, I promise that it will get done either tonight or tomorrow morning. I’m honestly not putting a lot of hope into getting it done tonight because I get home from work at around 6:30, and I have dinner to cook, a house to clean, and a football game to watch (GO FSU!!!). If it doesn’t get done tonight, I promise the tutorial will be the first thing I do when I get up in the morning.

And I can say that because my school system is awesome and obviously hates the cold as much as I do, because they canceled classes until Wednesday! 🙂 This works out well for me because at 7am tomorrow morning, it’s supposed to be 9 (yes, single digits) degrees outside, and I refuse to leave my house in that mess. :p I’m a Southern girl…..I am not made to handle this ridiculous cold. 

Stay warm, my dears! I know pretty much everyone is going through this craziness with winter right now. 

Your Georgia Peach,



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