How Do I Find Time for This?

I’m so sorry that I’ve been MIA here the past few days.

But here’s an explanation. And a cry for help.

I’m a busy girl–between teaching and working at the library, I work 6 days a week. And sometimes, when I’m schedule the occasional Sunday at the library, I work 13 days in a row without a day off. And teaching is a full time job that requires me to spend a lot of time outside of the classroom working on things. I’m constantly trying to figure out how I can improve things for my students, as well as grading papers, making study guides, and reviewing lesson plans. Plus, I try to have some kind of social life (which is not easy….). So something has to get to neglected. Lately, it’s been my house (dear God, does it need to be cleaned). And now, this blog….which is sad because I haven’t even really started it yet.

I really want to focus on this blog. I want to put in more time to it, develop it, and see it grow. I’ve started blogs before and have gotten discouraged because they don’t take off right away….and I get busy with other things, so I let the blog go. I know it’s going to take time to grow the blog, my brand, and my eventual business. Patience is not my strong point, but I really want this, so I’m willing to learn some patience and do what I need to in order to reach my goals. It’s just really hard when I have so many other things that require my time as well.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is ridiculously busy with things other than their blog. In fact, I know I’m not. The blogs I read–I’m amazed by how these women can balance all of their other responsibilities and still have time to regularly maintain their blog. I am in awe of these people, and I hope I can learn to be like them.

So now I ask you–how do you manage your time? How do you keep up with your blog in the midst of all of your other responsibilities? And those of you that are running businesses, how do you find time to manage that with everything else you have to do (including building your brand via social media)? Leave your thoughts, ideas, and solutions in the comments. I look forward to reading them and seeing what you do–and hopefully getting ideas for myself.


Your Georgia Peach,



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